Shanghai A la vista

"A la vista" ha sido seleccionado en el concurso Golden Illustrators Young Pinwheel 2019
Varias de la ilustraciones del libro estarán expuestas en la Feria CCBF, China Shanghai International Children´s Book Fair, del 15 al 17 de noviembre.   

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jamesanderson dijo...

Felicidades por la selección de 'A la vista' en el concurso Golden Illustrators Young Pinwheel 2019. La exposición en la Feria CCBF, en Shanghai, es una oportunidad increíble. ¡Éxito!
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johnblaze21 dijo...

Congratulations on the well-deserved recognition! The artistic brilliance of "A la vista" shines bright, and having it featured at the CCBF in Shanghai is an incredible achievement. Wishing you continued success on this exciting journey!
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Henry John dijo...

Exciting news! "A la vista" has been chosen for the Golden Illustrators Young Pinwheel 2019 competition, and numerous illustrations from the book will be showcased at the CCBF Fair, China Shanghai International Children's Book Fair, from November 15 to 17. This recognition is a significant achievement for the creators, showcasing their talent on an international platform.

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